Terms of Service

Taiwan Taxi Tour Service will send a booking confirmed email to you after you have paid deposit.
If you did not receive the confirmation email, please Contact us.

Refund 100% Deposit : Cancellation notified 7 days before the appointed date.
Refund 100% Deposit : Cancellation caused by typhoon, earthquake, other natural disasters.
Refund 50% Deposit : Cancellation notified 4~6 days before the appointed date.

Non-Refundable : Cancellation notified within 3 days (72 hours) before the appointed date.
Non-Refundable : Not-Permitted to carry more passengers, Drivers will refuse to carry passengers.

Online deposit payment is charged New Taiwan Dollar (NT$).

Balance payment is New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) to drivers on the day of hire.

Taiwan law not permitted to carry more passengers, A baby also one passenger, drives will be rejected.

If you have any questions or Two day before no any drives contact you? Please contact us.

info@taipei-taxi.com or stevenkao2000@gmail.com
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